FILM REVIEW - The Blood Of Wolves

The Blood Of Wolves


The Blood Of Wolves






Tak Sakaguchi, Mizue Kunizane, Yuko Shiomaki



Samurai Seijyuro walks a lonely path with an eerie wolf he calls Jyubei. Elsewhere, the muscle-bound Genbu has fallen into evil ways and transformed into a terrifying incarnation of absolute malevolence, having betrayed his own family and transformed Seijyuro’s father into an animal. Meanwhile, female ninja Kurenai, one of the top members of the Geiga Clan, approaches Seijyuro with a cunning plan.

The time has come, and a fateful battle begins.
Will Genbu die in order to fulfill his des
No Financing
When I think of exciting swordplay action, I think of Shintaro Katsu as Zatoichi, the Lone Wolf and Cub films, and Toshiro Mifune in Seven Samurai. Back in the classic days of Japanese filmmaking, there used to be realistic samurai action stories, which gave their audiences exciting action mixed with effective stories. It seems that recently, there are no longer any real Samurai films to be found. I have wondered why there are no more filmmakers able to shoot real genre movies. I want to revive the soul of

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