FILM REVIEW - Seducing Charlie Barker

Seducing Charlie Barker


Seducing Charlie Barker






Daphne Zuniga, Stephen Turner, Heather Gordon, Amy Glazer, Theresa Rebeck, Lynn Webb



Charlie Barker, a talented actor on the downward swing of a marginal acting career, tosses aside his best friend, his wife, and ultimately his sanity for Clea, a modern day succubus looking to make it in the scene in New York City. Clea is on the way up and Charlie is on the way down and where they meet in the middle can only last so long. Shedding dignity, common sense and those who care about him, Charlie wades into the poisonous sea we all swim in where emasculated men and demeaning women leave us wonder
Canada International Film Festival Strasbourg International Film Festival Big Apple Film Festival Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival Jersey Shore Film Festival Geneva Film Festival Eugene International Film Festival Williamsburg International Film Festival
Winner - Canada International Film Festival - Grand Jury Award Winner - Strasbourg International Film Festival - Best Script Winner - Big Apple Film Festival - Best NYC Cityscape Award Winner - Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival - Best Indie Feature Winner - Jersey Shore Film Festival - Best Filmmaker Winner - Geneva Film Festival - Best Narrative Feature, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance Winner - Eugene International Film Festival - Best Feature Film Winner - Williamsburg Internationa

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