FILM REVIEW - Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph

Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph


Searching for Skylab, America's Forgotten Triumph



English, German


Dwight Steven-Boniecki, Alexandra Steven-Boniecki, Carl Alessi, Joseph Kerwin, Paul Weitz, Jack Lousma, Owen Garriott, Gerald Carr, Edward Gibson, Luboš Kohoutek, Vance Brand, Bruce McCandless II, Herb Baker, Sue Bean, Jannet Butzinger, Mary Teresa Cohn, James Kinzler, Sylvia Kinzler, Gratia Lousma, Matthew Weitz, Roy Logston, Willie Weaver, John H. Reaves, Cyril Fenwick, Hamish Lindsay, Phil Maier, Glen Nagle, John Saxon, Phil Rutherford, Bernard Smith, Emily Carney, Andrew Chaikin, Jay Chladek, Mark Pestana, Guido Schwarz, David Hitt



The first American space station Skylab is found in pieces scattered in Western Australia. Yet this picture of destruction is deceiving. Putting the pieces of Skylab back together and re-tracing the station's history back to its very conception reveals a key program of human space exploration. Using re-mastered, long-lost and, in some cases, never-seen archive footage integrated with eye-witness accounts of the astronauts, engineers and their families, the movie presents a very factual account of the most g

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