FILM REVIEW - Jurassic Thunder

Jurassic Thunder


Jurassic Thunder




Milko Davis, Milko Davis, Heath C. Heine, Rick Haak, Jon Cotton, Dmitri Raskes, Elvis Sharp, Ivan Pavletic, Aga Kistler, Rich Richardson III, Leon Mayfield, Gina Di Tullio, Michael Love Toliver, Ben Johnson, Kasha Fauscett, Nicole Goeke, Mia J Park, Kevon Ward, Mia Paris, Jared Johnson, Patrick Gray, Daniel Selk, Brain Janik, -Xxx, Shea Herlihy Abba, Khalid Al-Khulaifi, Paul Anderson, Brandon Baylis, Melvin Billups, Shelby Boland, Sly Clayton, Jorge David De León, Johnathan Doyle, Matt Ethen, Devin Fincher, Carson Hudgins, Nathan Van't Hul, Sean Janik, Tobi Kano, Dominique LeMaire, Alexis Lyons, Jordan Mayfield, Andrew Mortenson, Chris Mortenson, Michael Mras, Michelle Mras, Ryan Niko, Augustine Felipe Niz, Kevin Osborne, Kevin Osbourne, Spencer Parmelee, Ray Raphael, Ta'ron Reeder, Casey Reeves, Ron Sweeton Jr., Shawn Tierney



When a virus topples an African government, a ruthless warlord seizes their nuclear arsenal. Desperate to stop him without starting World War III, the US military agrees to use unconventional means, Russian weaponized Dinosaurs. When the virus infects the Dinosaurs, four commandos are sent in to clean up the mess.

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