FILM REVIEW - Cast Me If You Can

Cast Me If You Can


Cast Me If You Can

Second Name:

Wakiyaku Monogatari








Toru Masuoka, Hiromi Nagasaku, Atsushi Ogata, Atsushi Ogata, Eric Nyari



Hiroshi is an actor who always plays supporting roles and lives in the shadow of his famous playwright father, Kenta. Hiroshi has the virtue of being helpful to strangers, but as a result, like a chameleon, he is always mistaken for someone else: a sales clerk, a policeman, and even a kidnapper. When the lead role of Hiroshi’s dreams finally seems within reach, his contract is canceled after he is mistaken for another man having an affair with the wife of an MP.
Hiroshi is emotionally closed and has n
2011 Boston International Film Festival (Boston, USA) 2011 Newport Beach Film Festival (Newport Beach, USA) 2010 San Diego Asian Film Festival (San Diego, USA) 2010 Mill Valley Film Festival (Mill Valley, USA) 2010 International Film Festival of India in Goa (Goa, India) 2010 Heartland Film Festival (Indianapolis, USA) 2010 Big Bear Lake Film Festival (Big Bear Lake, USA) 2010 Friars Club Comedy Film Festival (New York, USA) 2010 Sedona International Film Festival (Sedona, USA)
2010 Action On Film International Film Festival (Pasadena, USA) Winner of Best Title Sequence Award 2010 Feel Good Film Festival (Hollywood, USA) Winner of Best Original Score Award 2010 California Independent Film Festival (Bay Area, USA) Winner of Best Actress Award

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